What's a Micro Market?

micro market is a hybrid shopping experience that blends convenience store items with fresh food service. These unattended markets usually contain a wide array of foods and beverages that are restocked regularly and include kiosks for self-checkout. Customers can purchase products from open-style shelves, freezers, and coolers and pay using various payment methods. Adding these to your breakroom will improve company culture by maximizing break times and encouraging employee interaction. 

There are many ways your business will benefit by adding a micro market. By stocking your micro markets with essentials such as snacks, drinks, and meals on the go, you fuel your employees, who benefit from the convenience and shorter lines. Ensuring your employees don't waste their valuable break time leaving the office to purchase food or essentials. Here are different ways you and your employees will benefit from a micro market at your location. 

1. Convenience of Micro Markets 

It is incredibly convenient for employees to go to the micro market to grab what they need or crave. Their break time is valuable to them, so if the micro market is a one-stop shop, they will appreciate this and, in turn, be more productive. 

A micro market should offer a wide variety of food and beverage options while providing healthier choices. Surprisingly, non-food items are also in high demand in micro markets. Top-selling items include electronics (cell phone chargers), toiletries, and health and wellness products, such as antacids and aspirin. Micro markets offer your employees the added benefit of not needing to leave the site to obtain their meal options; this saves them time and money. Micro markets allow businesses without on-site cafeterias to serve their staff at a lower cost than maintaining a full-service store and can stock 150-400 items.  

2. More Food and Beverage Choices 

Your micro market has the benefit of being stocked with healthier options, such as salads, wraps, yogurt, fresh fruit, protein bars, smoothies, granola bars, and nuts, instead of soft drinks, chips, and candy. Many also have Kosher, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-carb options to satisfy employees' dietary restrictions. 

Most people believe eating healthy is essential, but it can be challenging to find healthy options quickly. Micro markets can provide food nutritious food while still being convenient. Of course, your favorite treats are still an option for those days when your employees feel like being a little bad or need something more than fruit to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

3. Increased Office Morale and Performance 

Currently, employees value additional company benefits, so providing them with a micro market encourages eating healthy, filling food without needing to leave the office and has the added benefit of employee engagement. Adding these markets will fuel your workforce by keeping current employees satisfied, productive, and focused while drawing in new talent. 

4. Cost Efficient 

Installing micro markets is of minimal cost to you and requires very little maintenance, making them a very cost-efficient way to boost morale and show your employees you care. Some vendors install free of charge, including delivery, stocking, repairs, and security cameras. You can customize micro markets to suit your space and have them be as big or as small as you would like. 

5. Available 24/7 

The best thing about micro markets is that you can access fresh, healthy food anytime. These can be invaluable to a business that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and on holidays. Micro markets treat all of your employees equally. Every shift has access to the same items. 

While many fast food places are open 24 hours, the variety of healthy food options is minimal, and that is only possible if you can even get away from the building. Help your night shift employees to choose fresh, healthy alternatives to get them through the night.   

6. Business Types That Would Benefit from Micro Markets 

Micro market vending is gaining popularity and is popping up everywhere. If you're interested in keeping your employees happy and healthy, consider installing a micro market in your business. You may have already encountered them in airports, hospitals, government offices, academic buildings, hotels, and health clubs. The types of companies that would benefit from micro markets vary greatly, which would be an advantage for any business. Expanding vending options by adding a mico market is great when your company wants to grow its current staff or increase selection options.  

7. Payment Options 

Micro markets offer a wide range of payment options. You can set up your kiosk to accept debit and credit cards to make paying quick and easy. Going mobile and downloading the app connected to your micro market allows people to load funds in the app and scan as they purchase, reducing lineups at the checkout. Apps enable people to keep track of their purchases and reload their balance when they need to, as well as earn rewards.  

8. Contactless Solutions 

In a post-pandemic world, people may still appreciate the benefit of remaining touchless as much as possible. Food, cups and utensils are usually individually wrapped, as well as touchless coffee and vending options. Employees can make purchases directly from their mobile apps, eliminating the need for unnecessary touchpoints and additional staff.  

Installation is completed within a few hours and with minimal cost. You don't need to pay someone to work the kiosk. Security cameras will deter anyone tempted not to use the honor system. 

Offering your employees healthier, nutrient-rich options will encourage them to eat a more balanced diet. Improving morale will improve your employees' mood, focus, and productivity. 

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