Satisfying Fort Lauderdale’s snack vending machine needs with great products and service

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Eliminate hungry and distracted employees with a snack vending machine from the Fort Lauderdale’s experts. We supply and service Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s snack vending machines with professionalism and care that will keep your employees happy and more productive.

Custom snacks

Build the ideal selection of snacks inside your vending machine from our range of options.

Payment choices

Select your preferred method of paying for snacks, including mobile payment and credit card.

Guaranteed delivery

Sensors inside the snack vending machine detect if a product falls, and if not, trigger a refund.

Fast response

No matter where you are in the Fort Lauderdale area, our snack vending machine service staff promises a quick response.

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Enhance the offerings in your break room with a Phoenix Refreshment Group snack vending machine. Serving offices in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area. Contact; 954-233-0766.

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