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Micro Markets bring the latest technology to your Fort Lauderdale breakroom

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Easy to use

The touchscreen kiosk is designed to be simple and easy for employees to use for self-checkout.

Healthy choices

Micro markets offer space for even more nutritious choices from packaged snacks to fresh food.

Personalized solution

Based on your preferences, we change the products available for sale in the micro-market.

Phoenix Refreshment Group provides Micro Markets to Various Industries.

Our Fort Lauderdale micro-market vending services transform break rooms. The self-checkout kiosk and product displays create a mini store at your Fort Lauderdale location that can be open all day, every day. It can be customized to any need, such as fully subsidized to offer items free as an employee benefit. The adjustable racks and variety of coolers mean it can be configured to fit any company size, even small companies. Watch the video to learn more about the latest office micro-market vending services our Fort Lauderdale break room experts have to offer.

Flexible & secured payments

Pay with confidence thanks to systems that use the latest PCI-compliance and safe guards.

Automatic tracking

Micro markets automatically tally product sales making manual counting a thing of the past.

Simple checkout

Easy and secure, the micro-market kiosk ensures making a purchase is a breeze for all employees.

Let our experts here in Fort Lauderdale customize a micro market vending service for your office.

Micro-markets in Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale self-serve micro-markets
Self-serve micro-markets in Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale micro-market services
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