Elevate the Fort Lauderdale workplace with healthy snacking.

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Delicious alternatives made easy

We bring you the country’s best tasting healthy treats.

Enable employees to live healthier with better options at work

Healthy drinks

Let employees hydrate with better-for-you beverages that taste great.

Alternative snacks

Bring in snacks that pack a nutritional punch in a delicious package.

Healthier equals happier
The healthier your employees are, the better they will perform and the happier they will be.
Healthy hospital options

Enjoy nutritious snacks and drinks chosen specifically for Fort Lauderdale hospitals.

Corporate wellness

Support corporate goals for wellness and nutrition with better-for-you choices.

Great taste

Delight in the best tasting alternatives from across the nation right in the break room.

Healthy school choices

Ensure all snacks and drinks meet Fort Lauderdale school requirements for vending.

When healthy matters in your workplace, contact the vending experts at Phoenix Refreshment Group at info@phoenixrefreshmentgroup.com; 954-233-0766.

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